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Industry of Lingerie - Intimates – Underwear – Swimwear

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Head Office : 4, rue Pierre Brossolette 95270 Asnières sur Oise
Administrative Office
& postal mail address : 2, rue de Micy 45380 La Chapelle Saint Mesmin
+33 (0)2 38 70 52 52 - Fax: +33 (0)2 38 70 57 90

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Corèle International, an international Group.

Established in 1988, the French Corèle International Group now employs around 15,000 members of several nationalities (French, Vietnamese, British, American, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Filipino, Laotian) working hand in hand in France (2 operational sites)-Europe, USA and Vietnam (6 operational sites)-Lao (1 operational site). The Group, which started from scratch 32 years ago, aims at becoming the reference in the global lingerie industry business by 2022. The Group’s yearly growth has been of an average 25% since its beginning and is currently speeding up considerably. In 2017, we achieved an exceptional growth rate of 40% compared to 2016 and expect to achieve the year of 2020 with a 100% growth rate compared to 2019 and maintain the strong financial health (0 debt). This momentum will be maintained in the upcoming years.

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* SCAVI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corèle International, has:

  • A key position in Vietnam:
    • The first company to gain foreign direct investment (FDI) lisence in 1988.
    • The largest group in lingerie outsourcing global service industry.
    • The largest foreign direct invested (FDI) group in fashion/textile, garments industry, in the Top 500 largest corporations (all business fields) in Vietnam. Top 500 is the annual ranking in Vietnam equivalent to the US Fortune500.
    • The French group in Vietnam with the largest number of members.
  • The Revolutionary Repositioning:

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Corèle International’s brand pole:

  • Corèle: a luxury French brand famous in the Japanese market for 60 years.
  • Corèle V. tackles the Vietnamese market with 3 brands:  Corèle V., Marguerite, lefix 

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* Foundation B'lao

The foundation B'Lao was created in France in January 2017, as a milestone of social responsibility where the company is governed by those who build it.

The foundation supports and develops lifetime education that conveys the value of life in that it believes: breaking down the walls – reaching out beyond.

Lifetime education starts in the kindergarten.

First step before the opening of a primary school, a college and then a university in 2030, the B'Lao kindergarten was inaugurated on August 25th, 2017 in Phong Dien - Hue, next to the biggest industrial center of the Scavi group. It welcomes over 200 children from 18 months to 5 years in five classes and 20 members work full time here. The number of students will double as soon as the next school year and in the long term, it will be able to welcome 600 students.

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